About me and my writing

Born in London and raised mostly in Yorkshire, I have British and Nigerian* heritage and write for both adults and children. I’ve always written around my day job, starting out as a hairdresser in London’s West End, then moving on to a science degree, postgraduate studies and work in the fields of biomedical and environmental research. I now divide my time between editing scientific publications and writing fiction.

I’m represented by The Good Literary Agency

My first book was Cloudscapes over the Lune, a collaboration with Mary Sylvia Winter, Melissa Bailey, Sarah Dobbs and Kay Douglas to raise money for two children’s charities.

Current projects include a linked story collection, a children’s book and a novel.






(* Weze is pronounced way-zay)

Contact me at: clare.weze@gmail.com

or tweet @ClareWeze

Site photography by Peter Easterby

© Clare Weze 2017

4 thoughts on “About me and my writing

  1. Hi Clare. I’ve been exploring some of your short stories, and I really like your writing style. I’m a new writer myself and I’m just starting out. I also grew up in Yorkshire, in a little village named Birstwith, just outside Harrogate. I have a new literary blog I just started, and maybe you’d be interested in the concept and story prompt? Check it out when you have the time, and let me know what you think, https://thenumber26.net/

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