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Editing and Critique


 in-depth manuscript appraisal, expert copy-editing and proofreading,

help with all aspects of your writing


I have been an editing professional since 2007, working in both academic and fiction editing via four major agencies. Having branched out on my own, I’m available to give expert feedback on all aspects of your writing, from sentence-level editing to complete manuscript appraisal.

My unique selling point is my history of award-winning writing for both adults and children. Since 2012, my fiction has been widely anthologised and earned places in several national prizes.

Having broken through a few gatekeepers’ barriers, I’d like to share some of the experience I’ve gained. I will tell you what’s working well in your writing, as well as advising on areas requiring change. I will respect your unique writing voice and style whilst smoothing and polishing your work and providing honest, objective feedback. However, if I think the voice and style you are using is causing problems for that particular piece of work, I will tell you and advise accordingly.

I can work with you on flash fiction, short stories, memoirs, novels and children’s fiction. My critical eye will focus on structure, pace, readability, plot, character, dialogue, that vital opening paragraph, consistency and style. You’ll receive a thorough report, plus in-depth comments throughout the manuscript detailing my reactions as a reader as well as professional feedback and guidance. Any problems I highlight will be accompanied by suggested solutions, and all my services include editing examples.

I’m not a quick-fix merchant. I will give you depth, honesty, expertise and time.





Manuscript appraisal – An in-depth service from which you will receive a detailed report plus comprehensive notes in the body of the manuscript.

Full novel or memoir appraisal up to 90,000 words: £300

(Includes a free copy-edit of 5,000 words)

Short story appraisal up to 5,000 words: £40

(Includes a free copy-edit of 1000 words)

Flash fiction appraisal up to 500 words: £15


Small sample edit & appraisal – Dip your toe in the water. I’ll edit and critique a 10-page section of your novel-length work, so you can see how it’s coming across. You can then build on this critique during your next round of revisions.





Copy-editing – Line-by-line editing to smooth and improve your writing. Rather than charging per thousand words, an hourly rate is the fairest method, because well-written work requiring light copy-editing will take much less time. Edits are made in Word’s Tracked Changes, which allows you to accept or reject each change. All work will also be critiqued.


£20 per hour

(free 2-page sample edit)



Proofreading – A final polish on your finished work. Not to be confused with editing, when proofreading, I am looking for typos, imperfections, repetition and formatting issues. (Please bear in mind that if you are self-publishing, your final manuscript should be proofread by two different editors to be sure of catching every single error.)

£17 per hour


All these services include follow-up via email discussion so that you can ask for clarification where needed, and receive feedback on any new ideas you have for the work in light of my appraisal. If you would prefer to speak by phone or Facebook Messenger, this can be arranged.





Please email your work to clare.weze@gmail.com as a Word document (.docx or .doc) and I will send you a contract setting out my terms and your individual fee.

I accept payment in advance via PayPal (or cheque if you are in the UK). A 50% deposit is taken for full-length novels, memoirs, etc., with the balance to be paid on completion.






“Clare has done more for me and my writing than I’d like to admit. I can’t actually recall a time she’s ever been wrong. Damn her. She’s courteous, has the literary nose of a bloodhound with a university education, and most important of all, she actually really cares.”

Petur HK, writer, reviewer, editor, co-founder of The Conglomerate



“Thanks to Clare’s wisdom and guidance, I was able to get my manuscript, COGLING, to a level where I felt comfortable querying agents.  This book landed me an agent and is now happily published.  I recommend her services to anyone looking to polish or to enhance their writing skills.”

Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Bestselling Amazon Author of Young Adult Fantasy




“Clare’s critique of five of the chapters for my book, TP1000: The Bishops due to be published in a month’s time were invaluable in aiding me with phrasing, sentence construction and word choice, as well as helping me tighten the prose.”
Peter Martin, author (May 2018)


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