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‘Don’t Ever Bring Me Fish’ is forthcoming in Riptide Journal, 2019

Paper Cut‘ is forthcoming in The Lascaux Prize 2019 anthology



Haar: Fog Rolling in from the Sea is published by Reflex Fiction,  a quarterly international flash fiction competition.

Haar Fog Rolling in from the Sea - Flash Fiction by Clare WezePicture: whale diving by Pixabay under CC0 1.0




‘The Old Rehearsal Rooms’ (2018) is published by Bare Fiction Magazine. Bare Fiction ‘promotes new writing in all forms through performance, digital representation and publication’.

Photo by Bas Emmen




‘Crème Anglaise’ is published by Reflex Fiction.

Crème Anglaise - Flash Fiction by Clare Weze

Picture: blond selfie by Elisa Guarneros under CC0 1.0




‘Helping’ was first published by Reflex Fiction,  and appears in Best Microfiction 2019.

Helping - Flash Fiction by Clare Weze

Picture: bird flying blue light by Pixabay under CC0 1.0




‘Green Lizard on the Wall’ is in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2019

Creative Writing Annual 2019




Normal Deviation: A Weird Fiction Anthology, (2018) contains my story ‘Take Back Control’. Published by Wonderbox Publishing, ‘a rabbit warren of digital and speculative fiction’.




The Conglomerate is an online art magazine publishing text, images, video and audio from different artists and presenting them as single conglomerations. You can find my story ‘Luck‘ in their first issue from January 2018, and ‘Midnight Sun‘ in issue 7 (2019).

ABOUT (Grey Melt man).jpg




The Lobsters Run Free (published by Ad Hoc Fiction) is an anthology of stories from world-wide authors selected from the long lists of the three Bath Flash Fiction Awards of 2017, and features my story ‘Boiled Wool’.

The Lobsters Run Free : Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two





DSC_0324 (8)


Follow this link to read micro-stories for Bentham’s NATIONAL REFUGEE WEEK 2017, written after researching true accounts of the experiences of refugees arriving in the UK over the last six years.





Crackers (2018), an anthology by Bridge House Publishing, includes my story ‘Very Little Helps’.

Crackers by [Hobbs-Wyatt, Debz]







Gliterary (2017) an anthology by Bridge House Publishing, includes my story ‘The Lone Valley’.

Kindle edition here

Glit-er-ary by [Hobbs-Wyatt, Debz]





Baubles (2016) an anthology by Bridge House Publishing, contains my story ‘Owning It’.

Kindle edition here






Cloudscapes over the Lune: Short Stories & Poems from Our Valley

Cover: Karen Merry Photographic (C) 2010

Editing: Harvey Stanbrough, Judith Shaw and Lucy Nankivell

Cloudscapes over the Lune. This collection of stories and poems set in the Lune Valley has been compiled to raise money for two children’s charities: Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK, which grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses, and Rainbow Trust, which provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Here’s the link on Amazon: Cloudscapes over the Lune

Kindle edition here




Cast No Shadows (2016) is an anthology of ghost stories published by Curiosity Quills Press. You can find my story ‘The Staircase’ here.

Curiosity Quills Presents: Cast No Shadows by [Elizabeth, Jordan, McFadden, Derek, DeLeesie, Grace M., Pasco, Ashley, Dorantes, Al, Quinn, Kae P., Cozza, Tracina, Talty, Heather, McNally, James, Slade, Gloria, Raggio, C.K., Plant, A.F., Pomeroy, W.K., Zumchak, A. Elizabeth, Murphy, Misha, Scharf, Joan O., Green, Nicole, Czarnota, Lorna MacDonald, Mortis, Jeremy, Gale, Amy L., Oak, Lisa, Pond, Rachel, Eagar, Grant, Weze, Clare, Jauregui, Molly, Baker, Christine]





Snowflakes (2015) an anthology by Bridge House Publishing, features my story ‘Undertow’.

Kindle edition here





Gears of Brass (2014) is a steampunk anthology published by Curiosity Quills Press and featuring my story ‘The Archive Room’.


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